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Issue 196 : July 1998

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Find out all that's new in the Acorn world.
Public Domain
Revelation at Acorn World.
ADSL - the high speed highway.
Music and Audio
A new MIDI sequencer and a revamped Rhapsody.
PC page
PC cards and disc space.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover disc.
Game show
Pandora's box and the art of the maze.
Free Ads
Pick up a bargain today.
Back issues
Complete your collection.
Let us know how you feel about all things Acorn.
The Regan Files
We talk to Ray Dawson of Magray Document Services.
More reader contributions to keep you entertained.
Run the Risc
Create a soft oscilloscope.
C for yourself
Discover the mechanics behind the Draw module.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems.
Education Editorial
Get up to date on educational matters.
Where do you want to go today
A guide to good educational websites
City Slickers
Cell function made funky.
And your specialist subject is...
Testing out Quizmaster.
Phoebe 2100
Acorn's new power station.
The peanut has landed
See the new portable.
At your service
First part of a series about desktop enhancers.
Design studio in your Acorn
Part one - Learn how to express yourself with Hyperstudio.
Second part of our printer round up.
Arachnid software
Web editing software is reviewed.
Someone is watching us...
Observess - an expert system shell - on trial.
Power music
Karelia - a new MIDI player is put through its paces.
Show stoppers
Our editor's views of the Wakefield show.

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