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Issue 197 : August 1998

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Five pages of up to the minute news.
Public Domain
Find out what's happening in the world of PD.
Organising your own Psion with Navigator.
Arcade via Demon.
Will Avante change the face of Acorn graphics?
How will Phoebe and the Peanut affect the business users?
Cover disc
Details of all that's new on the cover disc.
Game show
Four pages of games old and new.
Free Ads
Pick up a bargain today.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Let us know how you feel about all things Acorn.
The Regan Files
We talk to Paul Beverley from Archive magazine.
More reader contributions to keep you entertained.
A sound investment
Bringing the sound sampler up to date.
C for yourself
The user interface for the label printing app.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems.
Education Editorial
Get up to date on educational matters.
If you go down to the woods today ...
Discover Anglia's new educational online service.
One upon a time
Learn how to put a book together with Storysearch.
One, two and three
Maths scheme additions.
Send in the clones
A colourful addition to RISC OS.
At your service
More about enhancing your desktop.
Speakers corner
Speaker systems on trial.
Explore a new dimension in graphics for the Internet.
All that's fit to print
Printers for those with high quality needs.
Design studio in your Acorn - part 2
Using Hyperstudio to create multimedia presentations.
Weaving the web
Advice on enhancing your website.

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