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Issue 201 : December 1998

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Six pages of news and reports on the Acorn scene.
FidoNet keeps up plus Home Highway: Is it worth it?
Public Domain
Checking out Acornsite plus VNC servers for RISC OS.
Psion's new 3 series, street planner plus e-mail.
Acorn businesses on show and Pipedream is back.
Cover disc
What's on this month's Acorn User cover disc.
Game show
Just as the future of Acorn games took real shape...
Free ads
Second-hand bargains and amazing items for you.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic offers - subscribe today.
Exploring the future of Acorn with two philosophies.
The Regan Files
We speak to Jonathan Duddington.
More mind-blowing stuff from the Dave's and pals.
Run the Risc
Mike Cook creates a PIC serial user port for you.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tramples more Acorn related ground.
Educational assessments
New Zealand provides yet another amazing offering.
Pocket Book over Asia
Mark Moxon;s been away, how did he stay in touch?
Relatively speaking
The final chapter on using Datapower 2 for real work.
Photodesk 3
It's got layers but is it any good? We certainly think so.
Burn it up again
Which CD writer succeeded in a live situation?
Accounting for all
The what's and why's of double entry bookkeeping.
Personal Accounts 4
Can it help you really keep track of your money?
Elite + Spheres of Chaos = Sunburst? Check it out.
Education Editorial
Get up to date on education news and matters.
Language made fun
Rhyme and analogies that seem like good stuff.
A midnight clear
The Holy Bible software gains extra modules.
Beware of Aliens
Prove you're an alien in the Legend of the Lost Keys.

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