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Issue 202 : Christmas 1998

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Latest on what's happening in the Acorn market and beyond.
First views of Cerillica's Vantage, new Typography plus lots more.
Getting Internet access via Freeserve plus hit counters for your web page.
Public Domain
Brand new Stunt Racer track designer, Revelation demos and more.
PC column
Games benefits of the new PCPro 3 and it's effects on CD access.
Is the Acorn music scene collapsing with the untimely death of Phoebe.
Cover disc
What's not this month's cover disc because we couldn't fit it on.
Game show
Deeper and down: not an ageing rock band, but a review of Descent.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic new offers - subscribe today.
The final resolution to the infamous 'Fred,Jim and Sheila' controversy.
The Regan Files
Talking to Neil Carson and Mark Brinicombe, a major chunk of Causality.
Wimp C
Getting down to the basics of handling icons using the C language.
More mind-blowing stuff from the Double Dave's and their prolific pals.
Run the Risc
Mike Cook programs his PIC to shovel some major LED strings.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook hikes through the misty glades of more Acorn difficulties.
It's th hottest thing since the Web, find out how to brew your own.
Creating AUCD4
The trials tribulations and lessons of the latest Acorn User CD-ROM.
Get Cracking
Help RISC OS attract worldwide attention, join the RC5 cracking contest.
Portable money management
We check out a range of finance packages for the Psion machines.
Another alternative method of input, glide your finger and tap to click.
System lockout
How much protection can you give your machine against hackers?
Wimp programming in Basic
We compare Wimpworks and WimpBasic, which is the way to go?
Education Editorial
Get up to date on education news and matters in the Acorn market.
Dazzling graphics
Dazzle Plus gets the treatment as we find out just how good it is.
Where in the world
An Acorn User buyer's guide to the very best geography software.

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