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Issue 203 : January 1999

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There's hope for the Acorn market, we reveal all plus the rest of the news.
More on Cerilica's Vantage, plus views on layers in Spacetech's Photodesk.
Speed-testing with Javascript; Using mailing lists and Red Nose Silliness.
Public Domain
Reviews of Monopoly and infestation plus Phoenix rising from Java's flames.
Testing out the Psion 3mx,PsiWin 2.2, a look at the Peanut and Geofox down.
Why Acorn couldn't survive in this throw-away world of PCs and coke cans.
Cover disc
Using the latest Replay technology we present amazing film trailers.
Game show
Heroes of Might and Magic II put under the spotlight and tested.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic new offers - subscribe today.
The chance for you to have your say about the goings on in th Acorn world.
The Regan Files
An interview with Peter Bondar about Acorn and the Phoenix.
More mind-blowing stuff from the Double Dave's and their prolific pals.
Run the Risc
Mike Cook drives the PIC scrolling display using some very nifty software.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike hikes through the misty glades of more Acorn difficulties.
It's the hottest thing since the Web, even more on how to brew your own.
Another selection of multimedia speaker systems for your machine.
Acorn Shows
The ones that have passed and the ones to come, what can we expect?
Rhapsody 4
We review this application with a fine vintage, how has it progressed?
Another venerable application that really can help you to program faster.
Typography 2100
More fonts and more font software for you to use, how does it stand up?
Real business applications are few and far between, how good is this one?
On the Brink
Year 2000 video offer.
Two Programmer's Toolkits
Back issues
Free Ads
Education Editorial
Get up-to-date on education news and matters in the Acorn market.
Maths Circus
Looking at the educational maths fun to be had under 4Mation's big top.
Using resources covering 250 years of UK history in words and pictures.
1-2-3 CD
Nine years on Animated Numbers are renewed and revised.

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