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Issue 204 : February 1999

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There's hope for the Acorn market, we reveal all plus the rest of the news.
New Photodesk CD; Vantage on the move; Mustek digital camera support.
Acorn ICQ; worldwide e-mail access; Sending short messages plus pot-holes.
Public Domain
Background to Evolution; QTM returns; Digger, you dig; Megumi and more.
PC Page
Using DirectX with !PCPro3; plus several good reasons not to switch to a PC.
Cover disc
Never mind the Evolution CD, play the vermin extermination game.
Game show
Latest news on Tek, Botkiller 2, Skirmish, Hexen, Heretic and Doom+.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic new offers - subscribe today.
The chance for you to have your say about the goings on in the Acorn world.
The Regan Files
In the hotseat this time is Paul McKinnon of Atomwide and his scuba gear.
Evolutions : Talking Turkey
Interviews with the five main demo coding groups about why they do it.
Evolution : Writing demos
Paul Wheatley explains the basics of designing and building a decent demo.
Evolution : The art of demos
Making good demos depends on brilliant innovation and invention.
Evolution : Competition
Vote on the best demo and you get a chance to win a copy of Vantage.
Continuing the series on Java with entertaining window components.
Using Ovation Pro
We begin a new series on how you can add useful features to Ovation Pro.
Home Highway
You've seen the adverts, now find out the truth about the faster connection.
Back issues
Free Ads
Browsing the web can be a money-eating business, is there a better way?
Education Editorial
Get up-to-date on education news and matters in the Acorn market.
Fun of the Fair
We pop down to Sherston's Science Fair and play on all rides.
Wimp C
How to make the validation strings in icons do the hard work for you.
More mind-blowing stuff from the Double Dave's and their prolific pals.
Run the Risc
Measuring frequencies is hard for modern computers, but PIC can do it.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike hikes through the misty glades of more Acorn difficulties.

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