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Issue 205 : March 1999

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The Acorn market moves ahead with more exciting news, plus the rest of the best.
Digital Art CD; Pic of the Month is back; !Moveit - moves from digital stills; !Vantage news update.
Web pages for all; using the Whois function; Tidying HTML and using Perl.
Public Domain
Gearing up for 3D; using NoDisc; a web browsers for Drawfiles and Frobnicate.
Getting your skills into the market-place and another Acorn using business.
Cover disc
Nice new icons, loads of utilities plus all the regular bits.
Game show
David Braben interviewed; Xenocide reviewed; plus Skirmish preview.
Subscription Offers
Take advantage of our fantastic offers on page 78.
The chance for you to have your say about the goings on in the Acorn world.
The Regan Files
Music from the keyboards of Richard Hallas has kept him in house and home.
Comic Relief
A report on how the Acorn Auction fundraiser for Comic Relief is going.
Web Wizard
Acorn machines repackaged for a better and brighter look and feel.
Impact instruction
How to create Impact-3 databases that are useful for any application.
Creating windows and designing specific layouts for Java components.
Using Ovation Pro
Wrapping up our short series with practical macros to switch case and words.
Education Editorial
Get up-to-date on education news and the BETT show report.
Homes and Households
Showing life as it used to be in the homesteads and farms of Wales.
New fonts and new graphics offer
Play your own 'Destiny' offer
programming toolkits on offer
Back issues
Free Ads
Wimp C
How to structure your program more effectively for windows and fonts.
More mind-blowing stuff from the Double Dave's and their prolific pals.
Run the Risc
Light on sound - controlling a light show using a MIDI controller.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike hikes through the misty glades of more Acorn difficulties.

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