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Issue 206 : April 1999

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The latest news, products and views from the world of RISC OS computers.
Paul Wheatley plays with the latest Sincronia release - TopModel CD collection 2; plus Pic of the Month.
Connecting to FreeUK; Dan Dare technology; another SMS service; Virgin access problems solved.
Public Domain
More freebies; a PCB designer, a multi-tasking WIMP patch, and some clever voice recognition software.
PC Page
Some useful PC tips from Aleph 1 and accessing DOS partitions with !PCPro3.
Cover disc
What you can find on this month's cover disc and how you can use it.
Game show
Get into the expanding scene with reviews of Botkiller2, TEK and Dark Future.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Sibelius's Benn Finn has his say and Paul Vigay settles fluttering hearts with the latest Ancestry news.
The Regan Files
Library terrorist Nicholas van der Walle is the target of this months Regan Files.
This month the programming series looks at parameters, menus and dialogue boxes.
Impact instruction
How to get !Impact3 to interact with other applications easily.
Acorn Confidence
Part I of a look at confidence within the troubled Acorn market place.
Sleuth 3
Trevor Attewell takes a gander at the latest release of this OCR software.
A look at Spacetech's latest presentation software, plus some presentation tips.
Education News
Highlighting some great web sites, CD's and books.
Education review - Pam Turnbull
Review of the World Factbook CD and 1Gb collection of education PD.
Dave and Dave let rip with another explosion of the weird and wonderful.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike teams up with his trusty sidekick PIC to construct a light-pen
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Run your computer from a car battery or turn it into a DJ mega-station? Mike has the answer.
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