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Issue 208 : June 1999

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Read about the new RISC OS computers from RiscStation Ltd, and Interconnex's new Micro machine.
Graphics - Paul Wheatley
Paul takes a brief look at DrawWorks Millennium, the new vector package from iSV.
Javascript Fresco, a virtual harddrive, cheaper BT lines and another ISDN offer from Clares.
Public Domain
Connect your Psion for free, find out what's slowing your computer down, change your ISP with ease... and more.
PC page
Can't be bothered to go to work? Now you can control your office PC from home.
Cover disc
Find out what's on this month's CD cover disc.
Game show - Alasdair Bailey
A look at the latest games news.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic offers and get yours today.
More readers have their say on our letters page, including one very odd one.
The Regan Files
AAUG John Stonier (not Neil Spellings as in the magazine).
RISCOS Ltd - Alasdair Bailey
Alasdair takes a trip to RISCOS Ltd and meets three bachelor boys.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
All the latest news.
Education Reviews - Pam Turnbull
Pam looks back over the last Millennium.
DigSigGen - Mike Cook
Mike gets busy with a new digital signal-generator.
APDL Games - David Watkins
David reviews the value-for-money games on theses two APDL releases.
Earth and Space CDs - Mike Cook
Mike casts a critical eye over two informative CDs (he gets everywhere doesn't he?).
MIDI Controllers - Michael Cowgill
Mike follows on from his MIDI series in Archimedes World.
Wimp C - Steve Mumford
Calling functions by pointer.
Dave and Dave amuse themselves with a game of zoom-about-low-fatty-net-whack - marvellous journalism.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike makes a drone generator from some sticky-backed plastic and a toilet roll - what a guy.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike gives out some more helpful advice.
Play your own 'Destiny' special offer
Easyfont Pro special offer
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