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Issue 209 : July 1999

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RiscStation update, clarification on the Acorn situation, the future of StrongARM, and a Kosovo appeal.
DrawWorks Millennium, TopModel and a bit of Digital knowledge.
Keep those bookmarks safe, make a good first impression on the Internet, and hasta luego Artic BBS.
Public Domain
Evolution demo results out at last, the latest on the Codecraft competition, and a Utilities update.
PC page
Mike Tomkinson continues his series on becoming a computer contractor.
Cover disc
A quick look at what's on this month's cover disc - fun game and utility.
Game show - Alasdair Bailey
Games guru Alasdair pauses long enough to look at Final Doom and Shovy 3D.
Games Competition
Five copies of Shovy 3D are up for grabs if you can unscramble the screen shots in this competition.
Free Ads
Lots of lovely second-hand hardware and software.
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Some interesting suggestions surface in this month's letters page.
The Regan Files - Jill Regan
Jill interviews a rather interesting Aussie, Mal McClenaghan of The Image Factory and RiscStation Australia Ltd.
Are Acorns ever used in industry? Simon Anthony outlines the roles of Acorns in a textile dyeing plant in Wales.
Education News
Pam Turnbull lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education Reviews
Got problems with spelling and maths? Pam to the rescue...
Millennium Toolkit - Mike Tomkinson
Mike pulls on his big boots and goes bug killing with the MBTK.
Photodesk Series - Walter Briggs
Walter starts off his new series on Photodesk layers and masks
MIDI Controllers - Michael Cowgill
Mike continues his MIDI series with a look at controllers 72 and 73.
Photo Retouching - Simon Anthony
Simon demonstrates photo -retouching for free, using Paint, Draw and ChangeFSI.
OOP - Greg Scott
Greg starts his new series on Object Orientated Programming.
In it's last appearance Dave and Dave look back over the years at some of the most interesting submissions.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike starts a short series on harmonic control.
Rambles - Mike Cook
Wonder-boy Mike Cook offers more technical advice in this month's Rambles.
Play your own 'Destiny' special offer
EasyFont Pro special offer
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