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Issue 210 : August 1999

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Last month's Mico news (sorry!), Pace update, new Psion hardware, Hotmail horror, and investing in RISC OS.
Connecting PCs and Acorns Samba Style, also Find it, Name it, Dial it.
Cover disc
This month's 1.6Mb disc contains a playable demo of Botkiller 2, plus all the usual RTR, MIDI, and OOP files.
Public Domain - Paul Vigay
Paul takes up the reins - this month; MP3 players, star gazing, thumbnails and sheep.
PC page
Taking a look at PC tyranny in schools, counteracting secret configuration and at free ISPs.
Game show
Find out who won the Doom WAD designer competition, and what's on the games horizon.
Free ads
Lots of wonderful secondhand hardware and software.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Our lovely readers have their say in the letters page.
The Regan Files - Jill Regan
This month Jill makes transatlantic cow-eyes at Ian Molton.
RiscStation - Steve Turnbull
Steve reports in the development of RiscStation's R7500.
CDs for Kosovo
Find out about the new charity CD from Paul Johnson and how you can help the orphaned children in Kosovo.
The latest AAUG information.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Pam lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education reviews - Pam Turnbull
Pam looks at Turtles and Logo as well as !Look !Hear Talking Topics.
Netpiilot - Mike Buckingham
Mike reviews a Linux based Internet server.
Photodesk series - Walter Briggs
Part 2 of Walter's series on 24 bit art packages.
MIDI controllers - Michael Cowgill
Michael introduces us to NPRN MIDI controllers.
Photo retouching - Simon Anthony
Simon continues his series on photo re-touching for free.
OOP - Greg Scott
Greg looks at object orientated concepts in C++.
Home Networks - Mike Buckingham
The first of Mike's short series on creating a multi-platform network in your house.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike continues his article on a sound exciter - this month it's the software.
More questions for the maestro of micros - from music to machine networks, to video captioning.
Easyfont Pro special offer
Eesox IDE CD-RW special offer
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