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Issue 211 : September 1999

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All the latest about the greatest computer system in the world.
Installing BT's Home Highway, and an HTML helping hand.
Cover disc
We've a plethora of programs and a deluge of data for you this time.
Public Domain
Covering patches that RISC OS 4 won't need and a new PD spreadsheet.
Business - Mike Tomkinson
What is the future for Acorn Computers? Your comments invited.
Game show - Richard Goodwin
Richard cracks Eurofighter Typhoon in his best gaming underwear.
Free ads
Lots of wonderful second-hand hardware and software.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Our lovely readers have their say about software documentation.
The Regan Files
Dave 'Beardy' Holden chats with David Matthewman about PD libraries.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Pam lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education reviews - Pam Turnbull
Pam checks out Numbertime Time and a Mathematics Dictionary CD.
Flat screen monitors - Chris Drage
Chris looks at the benefits of FPDs, or Flat Panel Displays, over traditional CRT monitors.
Photo re-touching - Simon Anthony
Simon gives us a little (free) program to help with any dithering you may have.
Datasafe - Don Slaven
Don puts APDL's Datasafe harddisc system to the test.
Kosovo CD
Stephen Scott browses the charity offering from Paul F Johnson.
Here's a first look at the brand new version of RISC OS that's hit the streets.
Photodesk series - Walter Briggs
Walter demonstrates the art of airbrushing in 24-bit art packages.
MIDI controllers
More of the darkest, innermost secrets of that obscure MIDI code.
Big discs and SCSI-1 - David Watkins
David looks at the problems of installing a large SCSI drive.
OOP - Greg Scott
Greg gets down and boogies with new ways to use functions and objects.
Home networks - Mike Buckingham
This month Mike gets his network up and running.
Large harddiscs
Getting the best amount of data from your big drives.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike looks at a traditional effects processor; the tremelo.
Rambles - Mike Cook
Acorn Users own Yoda, answers your technical queries.
Amazing special offers
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