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Issue 212 : October 1999

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The latest on a C++ complier for RISC OS, plenty of new hardware news, and RISC OS 4 shipping info.
Website maintenance made easy, connecting computers with The Mad Cow and more.
PC page
Transferring documents from RISC OS to PC - a correction, plus a fonty question.
Public Domain
Give it a Thump with Rick Hudson, more on how to Samba, and a new FTP client by Graham Allen.
Cover disc
This month's has a demo of Techwriter Pro, and a preview of what's to come with TopModel.
Free ads
Lots of second hand hardware and software, lovely jubbley!
Game show
The latest Quake news and the Guess the Game Competition winners.
Subscriptions page
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Windows shells, praise for the dealers, a nd a letter from the author of Eurofighter Typhoon.
The Regan Files - Jill Regan
This month Steve Turnbull, MD of TAU Press, is Jill's fireside companion.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Pam Lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education Reviews - Pam Turnbull
Pam looks at two of Logotron's latest educational packages.
Ian Burley visits a company putting RISC OS through it's industrial paces.
Monitors - Chris Drage
Chris reviews four FPD monitors, ranging from the low end Iiyama to the high end Apple Mac.
HTMLPro update - John Pettigrew
John posts a brief update on Levens' Ovationpro-to-HTML converter.
CRT monitor - Tony Houghton
Tony looks at a budget priced 17in monitor from Phillips.
Techwriter - Jim Lesurf
Jim looks at the art of wordprocessing with Techwriter.
Viruses - Alasdair Bailey
Alasdair reviews the three main virus killers on the RISC OS platform.
We take a long overdue look at EFF's True Type Font Translator and Handwritten Font collection.
Data Harvest - Mike Battersby
Mike reviews the latest control software from Data Harvest.
MIDI controllers
The last in the series on MIDI controllers. This month it's Channel Mode Messages.
OOP - Greg Scott
Greg does some interesting things with polymorphism.
Photodesk series - Walter Briggs
Walter gets his scissors out for some digital cut and paste.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike looks at the theory of building an 8-input analogue-to-digital converter.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Doctor Cook dispenses some more helpful advice down in Acorn Wood.

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