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Issue 213 : November 1999

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Latest news on the 600MHz StrongARM, new Psion and faster Acorn machines.
Home networks, RISC OS Internet security, tracking webcams and net traffic.
Graphics page
Returns again with news on Cerilica Vantage, Publish Art and our new columnist.
Public Domain
New ways to create Web pages easily, the moon's phases and ANT help.
Cover disc
What's in it for you? This month we have a special version of Drawworks.
Game show
Interviews with Martin Piper and Andrew Rawnsley plus news on Quake for RISC OS - at last!
Take advantage of our fantastic subscription offers and get yours today.
Your chance to get your news, views and opinions into print about the RISC OS world.
The Regan Files
Mike Glover and Bob Pollard interviewed about their life with Techwriter.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Pam lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education reviews
Tudor times and medieval moments plus maps and contours examined.
More about installing the new operating system - caveats and cautions.
Reflex action
Who does the repairs under Acorn's guarantees? And will they still do it?
Find out all about the fantastic new show taking place this October - be there.
TopModel 2
Starting an extended review of the 3D application with a lot of features.
DrawWorks Millennium - Andrew Green
Andrew looks at an updated design package giving new life to Draw.
Irlam i16
Need sound input but not video - this could be the card for you .
Mercurial Messenger
When a product goes from freeware to commercial it had better be good.
Gareth Moore falls in love with R-Comp's MIDI sequencer.
More on how to use the powerful object-oriented programming approach.
Run the Risc
Beating out a significant set of sounds for the budding drumming superstar.
Rambles - Mike Cook
Mike explores another set of interesting hardware questions.
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