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Issue 214 : December 1999

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All the latest on what's happening in and around the RISC OS world.
Gimmicks from free ISPs; getting thumbnails onto Web pages; fruity software.
Graphics page
Using digital stock photography from the Web plus news on PCA, the new challenger for OLE's title.
Public domain
Desktop themes and utilities, checking your site links and chopping up images for the Web.
Cover disc
No disc? DON'T PANIC - turn to page 19 to find out what's going on.
Game show
A look at a few of the games whose StrongARM patches are on the Acorn User Website, plus the latest news.
Get every issue of Acorn User delivered to your door and the back issues.
Our readers have their say in the Letters page.
The Regan Files
Interviewing Tomislav Simnett in his houseboat on the Thames.
Run the Risc - Mike Cook
Mike cooks up a relaxing hardware project this month.
Rambles - Mike Cook
The beardy-fella's on hand to help out with any of your computer questions.
Complicated stuff, but you can use your machine from anywhere.
Digital Cameras - Alasdair Bailey
Alasdair reviews three cameras and the supporting RISC OS software.
Noticeboard Pro
Paul Vigay takes a good look at this able piece of presentation software.
Is this the most flexible bit-map collage creator in the world?
Graphic Equaliser - Mike Cook
Mike and his rock'n roll son put this Risc PC based graphic equaliser to the test.
Psion 5mx
Ian Burley takes a gander at the new improved Psion series 5.
Photodesk Plugins
Nick van der Walle reviews a product which he wouldn't give up 'for love nor money'.
Topmodel 2 - Max Palmer
max rounds off his two part review of Sincronia's superb 3D modelling package.
Now you can store all your ancestors on your computer.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Pam lets us know what's new in the world of education.
Education reviews - Pam Turnbull
Keywords for the living world and more on basic number work.
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