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Issue 215 : Christmas 1999

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What happened at the RISC OS '99 show plus what's coming up.
Latest on broadband Internet connection; what does your browser reveal on the Web?
Graphics page
Spacetech tutorials, Chris Jarman's art and the life of Nick van der Walle.
Public domain
Looking at a little known graphics converter, a screen grabber and perspectivised Draw.
Game show
Getting jiggy with some of the older game stuff in emulation formats.
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Make your views, news and opinions known on our regular page.
Regan Files
Talking to that crazy hardware man of the Pennines : Stuart Tyrrell.
Win a RiscStation
One of the new RISC OS machines is up for grabs in this exciting competition.
Win an enormous Software bundle!
£1000s of pounds of software could be yours in this great competition.
Run the Risc - Mike Cooks
Mike lends his talents to the area of garden pest control in Bash a Mole.
Rambles - Mike Cook
Mr Cook takes a break from being a John Peel look-a-like to answer your questions.
Artwork plugins - Colin Sutton
Colin takes an overdue look at add-ons for this popular art package.
Networking two RISC OS machines without pricey network cards?
Digital projector
Mike Battersby points the way in the world of digital projectors.
New machines - Steve Turnbull
Steve looks at the hardware behind RiscStation's machines.
Planetary visions
Trevour Attewell explains how the most detailed global image ever was created (with help from Acorns).
TopModel tutorial - max Palmer
Max gets down to basics in Part I of this helpful series.
Net graphics
Find out how you can compile data and draw Web graphics on the fly.
Intro to Draw
Getting to grips with the basics of this versatile drawing package.
Education News - Pam Turnbull
Bringing together all the latest news for educationalists.
Education reviews
The latest Keywords product from Sherston and what's with Argosphere?
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