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Issue 216 : January 2000

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Public domain
Game show
Regan Files
Run the Risc
Education News
Education reviews
Win a Riscstation R7500 Lite
New RISC OS machine up for grabs in this great competition.
Warm Silence Specials
Get your mitts on this great selection of software.
Removeable discs
Two new systems for storing and moving big data files compared.
Mousing about
What can you do about sticky mouse balls and slippy mouse mats?
Archive CD
Looking back in time with the (alomst) compelete Archive selection.
Writing a game - an author explains how tricky bits are done.
Millennium bugged
Find out what could be the real effects of the Millenium bug.
Mailing lists
Using electronic mailing lists can be a boon to small groups of people.
TopModel tutorial
Max Palmer's second tutorial describes how to create a 3d chess set.
Introduction Draw
Find out what you can do with objects of all different sorts.
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