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Issue 217 : February 2000

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Game show
Education news
Education reviews
Run the Risc
Regan files
Win a Riscstation R7500 Lite!
New RISC OS machine up for grabs in this great competition.
Warm Silence Specials
Get your mitts on this great selection of software.
Me old China
The latest charity extravaganza for RISC OS - two amazing CDs.
Connectivity to PCs seamlessly plus easier printing.
Ne'er the TWAIN
Need to scan? Here's how the process can be easily integrated.
A quick look at the RISC OS programmable database.
Old machines
Keep your ancient machines running with these keyboard tips.
Gone digital
Ten things you can do with a digital camera.
At a new Pace
Find out about the company that owns your operating system.
A look at the new Microdigital machine.
TopModel tutorial
Get some churchin' up - the tricks to creating a 3D chapel.
Flying high
What can the RAF have to do with RISC OS computers.
Introduction Draw
Creating graduations and interpolations with grouped objects.
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