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Issue 218 : March 2000

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Graphics page
Public domain
Game show
Education news
Education reviews
Run the Risc
Regan files
Warm Silence Specials
Get your mitts on this great selection of software.
Birth of Imago
Talking to Millipede about their new StrongARM-based superboard.
PCA explained
We look into the next big thing - editing objects made even easier.
Music to your ears but not the music moguls, so what's it about?
TopModel tutorial
Making your polygons look better with the application of textures.
Ten things you can do ...
... with a digital camera. and there's no need to worry, they're all legal.
Draw tutorial
Discover how easy it is to DTP properly with Draw, Paint and Edit.
Using TinyART
Using this excellent educational package in the home environment.
Developer's conference
A progress report from the latest meeting of RISC OS developers.
Tidal sounds
Were you sitting in a Harbourmaster's office all through New Year's Eve?
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