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Issue 12 : July 1983

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Electron: the latest
Here is the news
Z80 software pack, plus latest dates, High Street computer moves, DoI school funding extended, Town Hall software, plus much more.
£1100 competition - part 2
Your big chance to win a major disc system.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Introduction to hash tables.
Hints and Tips - Joe Telford
Logic made easy thanks to the Beeb.
Recursion and graphics - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Translate some of the best ideas around for your Beeb.
Handling strings - Ian Copestake
It's a tricky task handling strings.
Procedure variables
Two very useful ideas for passing variables.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
Expert units.
Beeb aids the blind - Thomas Vincent
Some OU techniques.
Second keyboard - Paul Beverley
A simple DIY project.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
BP hands out the best wrinkles.
Atom sounds - Gabriel Gilson
Make some crashing noises.
Seikosha comes under scrutiny. Muproc by Quicksilva - a useful music package. Speakers to improve the Beeb's squeaker from MicroAdvent.
Werom Atom utility. EPROM programmer from ATPL deserves wide recognition. Books for schools are a mixed bunch.
Subscription offers
Our easy get-rich-quick ideas to coax your cheque book.
Reader classified service
Free page for readers personal items.
Readers' letters
We answer a mountain of problems and queries from the Alps to Canaries.
User Groups
Our ton-up page let's you know who's out there.
Reader services
Back issues, photocopies and binders for your mag.

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