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Issue 13 : August 1983

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Good news and bad news
Souped-up US Beeb, threat to BBC, new ROM, Electron, latest software.
Acorn User Exhibition
Details of August's big event in Hammersmith.
Graphics and printing
Two listings demonstrate graphics with dum examples on two printers.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Tree structures and sorting.
All the fun of the fair - Joe Telford
Hints and tips. Put some fun into computing.
40/80 disc copier - Rupert Howell
Use twin 80-track drives to copy 40-track discs.
Electron: son of BBC micro - Paul Beverley
It's all keyboard, so take a close look.
Beeb Forum
Secret data, taping screens, disc data entry under Ian Birnbaum's control.
Colour painting - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Four algorithms to fill outlines.
Random access files - Richard Harris
Basic II in perspective.
Colour printing - George Hill
Write your own screen dumps or use GH's for Olivetti, Centronics and Seikosha.
Atom strings - Vincent Fojut
Sorting strings.
Readers services
Where it's all at.
Tandy colour - Colin Bernard
The CGP115 is an XY plotter for £150. CB connects it to and Atom.
School Software
Teachers review five offerings on maths and English.
Competition time - Simon Dally
Ciphers to exercise the mind.
Blackboard's Analogue to Digital converter.
Reader's letters
Answers, questions and comment on software, printers, TVs...
Subscription Offer
You can't afford to miss this page.
User groups
Brussels, Kings Lynn, Wellingborough get in on the act.
Readers' free ads
Printers, discs, software, all to swap or buy.
Small ads
£10 buys an entry for individuals to sell their wares.
Dealer list
It gets bigger every issue.

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