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Issue 14 : September 1983

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The News
Software piracy, program protection in OS1.2, draughting package, music group, tough talk on DFS, adventures on TV.
Competition - Simon Dally
Win some Seikosha printers.
Techniques - Stan Froco
SF explains the link between ink-blots and mazes.
Electron insight - Paul Beverley
Speed is the big difference.
Painting by lightpen - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Expand your graphics.
Daring disc deeds - Joe Telford
DFS space pulled apart.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
IB and his gang of experts lead the way.
Mega Monsters - Tugomir Williams
TW sets a game to put you in peril.
Zippy graphic dumps - George Hill
Injects a bit of machine code.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Utilities galore, time variables, M/C testing.
Cassette speed testing - Alan Knowles
Use and Atom to check his recorder.
Atom RAM boards, Cumana disc manual, Logo for schools, Hobbit fast tape system, BBC micro book.
User groups
They disappeared last months, but are back in style.
Readers' letters
Electron colours, sound advice, *FX3 details, interrupts, joysticks, TV sound amongst others.
Readers' free ads
Printers, disc drives, games, even a violin on offer.
Readers services
Back numbers, photocopies, binders all for the taking.
£10 small adverts
A cost-effective way for small companies to reach their audience.

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