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Issue 17 : December 1983

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The News
16032 second processor seen in action in Germany, Mr Men game from Mirror group, energy saving, psychiatrists behind marriage software.
Random graphics - Peter Batty
Amazing landscapes that are all different using simple ideas.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
UFOs revisited and fruit machines in action from that man Telford who looks at animated graphics in colour.
Techniques - Stan Froco
How to use graphs. First of two articles.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Numbers have been causing readers a lot of problems.
Printers - George Hill
GH produces the nearest you'll ever get to a universal dump - it works on Epsons and Stars.
Electron - Paul Beverley and Martin Hosken
The new baby's pins, and how to connect up a 6522 interface chip.
Competition - Simon Dally
Prime numbers form the backbone of these brainteasers, with software as the prize.
Hawks and Doves
1200 was at stake - here we announce the winners.
Saving machine code - George Hill
This procedure will automatically *SAVE assembled code.
Beeb Forum
Differences between Basics and operating system, listing the unlistable, as well as turning off machine code sound, with Ian Birnbaum.
Pull out poster
Graphics is the theme in this easy to use reference poster.
Year Index - Paul Nash
Twelve issues from July 1982 to July 1983.
Forum Extra - Ian Birnbaum
WQUS is the Basic II assembler command of the month. As we look at macros.
ERNIE's omen
How two computers got together to change Jack Wymer's life.
Schools - Alistair Ross
AR uses conkers to explain the concept of data processing to primary pupils.
Micro Link - Vincent Fojut
Transfer data between Beebs, Atoms, ... or even Pets.
Block demolition
An Atom utility to delete a set of lines from a program.
Graphic definition
Working out shapes on the Atom is much easier with Grafsign.
Atom disassembler - Bruce Smith
This program lets you poke around.
Atom Forum
Hardware, graphics, OS routines, automatic key repeat.
Flight simulator
Salamander's 737 imitator is put through its paces.
Software reviews
Learn addition by ABC, Let's Count by ASK.
Book reviews
Four books for the BBC machine.
Software reviews
Doctor Who by BBCsoft, Number Cruncher by Oxhey Tutors, Number Balance by Acornsoft and Atom utility ROM by ECD.
Educational programs
Seven packages from Chalksoft.
Response from Acorn Users first school series, and criticism of book reviews from readers.
Dealer list
User groups
Reader offers
Reader's letters
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