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Issue 18 : January 1984

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The News
Queen gives BBC micros to India, Liberals set up computer groups, 52k Beeb, £20 caption competition, Winchester network.
Software top 20
A New feature where we try to put the market into perspective.
Win a BBC micro
..or an ink-jet printer in our three section competition.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Looks at graphs and how they can be used in computing.
Joe's jottings - Joe Telford
Stacks and queues in real life, Basic and lanaguages.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Teletext is the flavour of the month here, as we look at mode 7.
Processing speech
There's a lot more to Acorns Voice chip than meets the ear. Ian Rowlings plumbs its hidden depths.
Games writing
Snapper author Jonathan Griffiths sets down his ideas on structure, and gives away some Acornsoft secrets.
Electron Interfacing - Paul Beverley
Downloading data at high speed.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
Operating system commands are a bone of contention this month.
Life - Malcolm Banthorpe
Some graphics routines.
Defencecom listing - Simon Williams
How he wrote a BBC version of Missile Command in Basic.
The Train Game
If you're fed up with invaders, Peter Balch's game is a refreshing change.
Machine code graphics - Nick Wilkinson
Speeding up screen manipulation is the aim.
Forum Extra - Ian Birnbaum
Where to put machine code.
Caeser's assassination was the inspiration for a project by Charles Bake's pupils on handling data.
OU micro pack - Robin Ward
RW casts her critical eye over this course for teachers.
Daisywheel printer - George Hill
Juki gives small businesses and home users the chance to produce quality letters.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Questions and answers and provides a signle key input routine.
Atom Adventure
It;s christmas but all is not well with Santa in this amusing, and crafty, diversion.
Three Atom products, Salamander utilities, Escape from Orion, BBCSoft Toolbox Transistor's revenge, Mr T's Money Box.
Word processor
Beeline is a cassette-based program which gives a good introduction to the subject.
School programs
Five Ways and Bourne Packages are looked at.
Gemini's Caterpillar, Owzat? from Virgin, Missile Control, Chemical Analysis, BBC/NEC Beyond Basic Firehawks by Poster, Electronic Monoply.
Chess trial
BBCSoft and Acornsoft programs are put through their paces by John Vaux.
Dealers list
Readers' letters
Six pages of comment, opinion, facts and advice on everything from XREF to impossible problems.
Reader Services
User grops
Readers' free ads
£10 small adverts

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