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Issue 19 : February 1984

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The News
Electron peripherals riddle, the race to deliver second processors for the Beeb, Labour MPs' Acorn deal, chess checks in, Top 20 software.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Advice on the most effecient sorts for the task in hand.
Numbers Game - Simon Berry
A procedure which puts a numeric keypad into the Beeb keyboard.
Simple graphics - Simon Hancock
A dozen easy programs.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Practical help on random access filing on disc.
Protection - Mike Cooke
Techniques for locking and unlocking files are uncovered.
Colour plotter - George Hill
A guide to the idiosyncratic MCP40 printer/plotter. It's a fun machine, he says.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Strides boldly into the VDU chamber of horrors, and answers leading questions on cassette faults.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
Loading with level 1 Econet, clearing variables, Technicolour listings, undocumented error messages and freeze frame.
Making discs readable on both 40 and 80 track drives, by David Barnett.
Screen memory - Michael Murray
Mode to mode tour of screen memory organisation.
Adventure Action 1 - Mike Austin
Hints on adventure design.
Adventure Action 2 - Peter Killworth
Climb the unclimable cliff.
Adventure Language - Jonthon Griffiths
Adventure ideas into computer language.
Text Compression 1 - Peter Voke
The tricks of cramming in all that adventure text.
Text Compression 2 - Vincent Fojut
Word crunching routines.
Atom Adventure - Barry Pickles
The Christmas adventure unravelled.
Electron link - Paul Beverley
How to prepare the VIA chip to drive a parallel printer.
Atom Forum
Slow scroller, keyboard sounder, high-speed cassette option, conducted by Barry Pickles.
Schools - Heather Govier
Working through threee simulation packages, HG discusses the impact of the micro on teaching techniques.
Sideways ram - Vincet Fojut
Exciting potential in Solidisk's sideways RAM expansion baoard. More...
Microdrive system - Bruce Smith
Hitachi's twin disc Microdrive system stands uo to rough treatment.
DFS upgrade - Chris Chan
Leaslink's double-density disc controller board.
Disc Doctor - Terry Holden
Review of Computer Concepts Disc Doctor EPROM.
Philosopher's Quest, Castle of Riddles, Escape from Moonbase Alpha, Noc-a-bloc, Cruncher, Chemiplant, Colossal Adventure, 21 Games for the Electron, I Do, The Dating Game, Saloon Sally, Pentiles, Free Fall, AI in Education, Programs for the BBC, Atom screen ROm.
Competition - Simon Dally
Dabble in Sd's magic squares and win some software.
Readers' letters
Five pages of comment, criticism and advice.
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