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Issue 20 : March 1984

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The News
Publisher's announcement: Acorn User changes hands. The 'bookware' invasion has started! MP comes under fire over Welsh software, robots break new ground, IEEE interface launched, Top 20 Software.
Software Top 20
The ins and outs of the best-selling games.
Time machine
Is your program code quick enough? Jonathan Gibbs' utility puts it to the timer test.
Fractal factory
Susan Stepney introduced them last October. Now you can roll your own fractals.
Teletext printout - George Hill
How to dump teletext pages and mode 7 graphics.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
What's cooking with Telford? A mixed platter of stick-in-boards and ROM chips is tasted.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
SAVE yourself tape trouble with this cassette care column - plus; buffers and baffles, Wordwise advice, and a keyword spacesaver.
Beeb Forum - George Hill
A disc to tape transfer program - plus: an easy way to pass procedures to arrays, and Econet's rogue vector.
Alien sounds - Bruce Smith
Put the whoosh into your interstellar action.
Micro Gallery
Who's a winner in our first screen graphics competition?
Learn Lisp - Stan Froco
In the first of a three part series, SF sets you on course to learn one of computing's most powerful languages.
Grpahics - Malcolm Banthorpe
You learnt all about Life forms in the January issue. Now make it a cubic world.
View Extra - Tony Rudkin
A versatile printer driver, extends the View to include a 'pad' facility.
Basic upgrade - David Barnett
Beef up your Basic 1 with some the Basic II specifications.
Measurement - Paul Beverley
Get the best out of the ADC chip.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Advice on Beeb/Atom disc transfer and how to fit long programs into memory - plus tabulated listings made easy.
Pretty printing - Vincent Fojut
A listing formatter for the Atom, that goes one or two better than the Beebs LISTO facility.
Atom utility - Barry Pickles
A 'bytes free' routine.
Schools - Martin Hill
Factfile is put to the classroom test.
Keyboard skills
Elizabeth Segall's routine encourages familiarisation with the micro keys.
Amcom DFS
How does Pace's product compare with Acorns? Bruce Smith reports.
Beebpen wordprocessor EPROM, Clares Atom expansions system, Sea Wolf by Optima, Microbe by Virgin, Assembly language from Shiva.
Competition - Simon Dally
The secrets of the dungeon.
Readers' letters
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