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Issue 21 : April 1984

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The News
Spiderman adventures are coming, disc drive rivalry hots up, parish councils go for micros, TV series on control, Harry Harrison adventures.
Software Top 20
Tracing the fortunes of the top sellers.
Acorn Abuser's Diary
A new column for bean-spilling and back-byting.
TV Picture show
The BBC demonstrates what can be done with Beeb graphics on television.
Hardware graphics
Ken Worrall shows what the 6845 chip can do.
Advanced filing systems - Charles Schaeffer
Looking at Acorn's latest ideas.
Lisp part II - Stan Froco
SF continues his in-depth look at this language.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Strong views on protection, before tackling readers' problems.
Beeb Forum - George Hill
Looks at offerings from readers.
Pick of the disc - Robin Newman
A utility which lets you choose which tracks to copy.
Function key editing - Bruce Smith
Electron and BBC Micro owners can benefit from some new ideas.
Teletext dumps - George Hill
A follow up to last months article on printing mode 7 screens.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Education specialists CES come under scrutiny.
Passing variables - John Ryding
The problems with procedures.
When in ROM... - Malcolm Banthorpe utilities can be a boon says MB reviewing Computer Concepts' latest chip.
School simulations - Barry Holmes and Steve Fletcher
From Saqqara to the Spanish Main.
Easter dates - Paul Caswell
PC establishes once and for all when the Easter Bunny arrives.
Better programming - Susan Jones
Tidy up your input and output code.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
More cash winning routines.
Atom ROM routines - Mark Plumbly
Useful locations revealed.
Converting Basics - Barry Pickles
BP takes the BBC version and converts it into the Atom variety.
That fiend Dally's at it agin with arch accomplice Mad Alex.
Aries B20 RAM board, Acacia Diary and RAM system, Five books for the Atom, Ecce BBC Toolkit, Sanyo and JVC monitors, Music Editor by System Software.
My Secret File from Mosaic, Schools: three Acornsoft offerings.
12 Electron and BBC games: Attack on Alpha Centuri; Mined-Out; Felix in the Factory; Gateway to the skies; Pengywn; Escape from Moon Base Alpha; Atom Smasher; Plankwalk; Cylon Attack; Protector; Alien Break-In; Birds of Prey.
Three Star printers under 400, the DP8480, Gemini 10X and Delta 10 are compared.
Readers' Letters
Tape protection, smug programmers, roublesome ROMs, problematic printers... and the rest.

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