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Issue 264 : October 2003

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Nigel Gatherer goes into more detail about graphic design in the real world with RISC OS.
Iyonix Applications
We have been looking at the upgrades and speed improvements that the Iyonix PC can bring to RISC OS.
SE Show
Back to Guildford! If you can't remember how to get there
We show you some details about starting up in a worldwide world of E-Commerce.
More information following last month's article wrapping up our look at ECDL.
Free Ads
Get what you need at a cheaper price.
All the latest news about the RISC OS and the education market.
Education Review
Scientific Education used to be all text books now webcams are at large it's all set to become much more interesting.
Plenty of RISC IS information stored and waiting to be accessed by you.
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