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Issue 23 : June 1984

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The News
Electron ROMs, Healthnet for doctors, Micronet shake-up, IBM compatibility for BBC.
Top 20 Software
Serious games ahead! Plus- whats new for the ELK?
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Tig the pig, Yossa and skeletons in this month's scurrilous micro cupboard.
News feature
Simon ELsom on what copyright means for micros.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Roll up your sleeves for projects to build your own computer tidy and carrycase.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Useful structures for disc-stored databases are balanced binary trees.
Beeb Forum - George Hill
A tape-to-disc transfer for all types of prgrams.
Software offers
Two good-value Acorn User games- Plus all the listings in this issue on cassette!
Competition - Simon Dally
Win a Sidewise ROM board and four ROMs (or other prizes) in SD's Riddle of the Ritz.
Service from software houses, 'sideways' copying, programs for the aged, testing monitors, and disc standards.
Readers' free ads
Small ads
Z80 Second Processor More...
We report on the Z80 business bundle.
Forth - Paul Garfield
Why this language could make a useful extension to your programmin repertoire.
On the Cards - Alan Samuels
AS picks a card game to demonstrate how grpahics can brighton up the play.
Soft Pottery - Malcolm Banthorpe
MB conducts a pottery lesson.
Speed and Space - Gary Smallridge
How to quicken your pace and save memory space in Basic programming.
Tape Loader - John Bexon
An accurate and rapid search and load routine for Electron and Beeb.
How it works - Paul Beverley
In a new series PB takes the lid off the Beeb and Electron to investigate their inner workings. In part 1 he monitors a program as it runs.
Train Game - Martin Philips
MP puts you on the right track.
Business - Barry Pickles
BP eases the forward thinking businessman gently into office computerisation - Plus reviews of business packages from Acornsoft and Gemini.
Education - Jonathan Read
JR airs his views on how the micro should be used in adult literacy classes and Martin Wallis testa mixed suite of mathematics programs.
Atom Lister - Vincent Fojut
Manipulating and dumping Atom programs on the BBC micro has many advantages.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Looks at the new 6502 instruction set - Plus AtomBasic bugs, random numbers, sideways scrolling.
Reviews - Chris Drage
Four monitors are given close scrutiny using a test program.
Under review this month: Lunar Rescue, JCB Digger, Ghouls and Dodg'em.
Printers - George Hill
Cannon PW1080A NLQ and the Sanple Daisy Step 2000 economy daisywheel.
New books
Our verdict on three puzzle compendiums, David Leby's Computer Gamesmanship and BBC Basic for Beginners.
How does Stuart Menges make out in Lost City and Colditz Adventure.
EPROM programmer - Bruce Smith
BS blows his own on Softlifes EPROM programmer.
Yellow Pages Extra
Hints and Tips, Beeb Forum, Card Graphics, 3d Graphics, Tape loader, Hardware, Screen test.

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