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Issue 24 : July 1984

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Hints and Tips
Readers' enquiries answered in detail. Martin Phillips gets to grips with tape loading, testing the keyboard, text windows and machine code problems.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
How to set about using your new computer. Plus : Converting listings. The difference between BBC and Electron, and how to cope with them.
Your views, gripes and comments in print on statistics, error codes and the Data Protection Bill.
Dear Kitty
The computer world's first true Agony Auntie answers the sort of questions which might seem simple to some but confuse many.
Z80 low-down - John Vaux
The software bundle that comes with Acorn's second processor promises much. Does it live up to the hype?
Database ROM - Ian Rowlings
StarBase from GCC controls searching and sorting of information held on disc.
Viewdata in action - Geof Nairn
Techmedia's Edfax sets up colour viewdata pages.
Teaching Facts - Jean Beck
Several software projects are on the way to help teach children about information and how to use it.
Converting Basics - Barry Pickles
The concluding part of his explanation of BBC and Atom Basic and how to convert a program from one to another.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
A lively Atomic mix.
Electron Plus-1 - Bruce Smith More...
Acorn's add-on box means printers and joysticks can be connected, and ROM cartridges used.
Solidisc 128k RAM - Malcolm Banthorpe More...
A memory board with the capabilities of a disc drive.
IEEE trio - Paul Beverley
Three versions of the IEEE interface for the BBC micro from Aries, Acorn and CST-Procyon compared.
Printers - George Hill
Canon's colour ink-jet printer, plus Barry Pickles on the Borther EP44.
Utilities - Vincent Fojut
The ADE ROM gets a thorough going over.
Books - Vincent Fojut
Five books opened and reviewed.
Games and adventures
Alligata's Bridge, Level 9's Lords of Time, Program Power's Jet-Power Jack, Daredevil Denis and Demolator from Visions, and 3D Tank from Dynabyte.
The News
16032 developments, Torch progress, BBC games from Electron, Communications '84, chip camera, Acorn User Exhibition, Educational software and CP/M programs.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
The nitty gritty of communications.
Beeb Forum - Bruce Smith
Experts unite to bring you the best in techniques and ideas for the Electron and BBC. This month BBC Basic.
How it works II - Paul Beverley
Slow your micro down to see exactly how it works. PB keeps the machine so busy it can barely cope.
Software worth 1000 on offer this month.
Top 20 software
What's up, down and around, plus Soft Options, giving a round-up of the program scene.
Readers' free ads
Small ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Last but not least, the wicked, sensational, and downright naughty goings-on in the world.

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