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Issue 26 : September 1984

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First Byte
Two features to show you how those bland looking listings turn into exciting screen action.
First Byte - Flying Start - Tessie Revivis
You too can achieve elementary animation effects with her 'Fly in the Sky' program, and take the first step in orchestration of sound as a screen star is born..
First Byte - Para zone - Michael Why
The Paranoids drop in and the don't look friendly! As you pick them off you'll also pick up a lot about the techniques of programming procedures.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Gives readers a helping hand with advice on keeping control of a scrolling listing; when to use brackets; random numbers from string functions; VDU commands; handling numbers; checks for disc drive and printer; ribbon economy; cassette care; and when to switch off.
Piracy and protection, copying ROM, the big joke in the land of Oz, Break key side effects, computers in adult literacy - all in a batch of lively reader reaction.
Dear Kitty
Toughest problem for the newcommer is all this jargon. Kitty cuts a path through the undergrowth. Why those extraordinary symbols? What are sideways ROMs and RAMs?
Nucleus Power - John Vaux
JV moves onto the Nucleus system generator, which allows a company to create its own menu based programs. he studies the languages and delivers his verdict on the whole second processor package.
Accountability - Paul Beverley
Also rounded up - Acornsoft's business suite of programs, with a review of the two accounts packages for the small company.
Problem-solving - Joe Telford
Has something for the young user. Six things, in fact: problems. But nothing that can't be solved with a bit of clear thinking ... and programming.
Smart operators - Barry Pickles
Clears the computerspeak away from the Atom's indirection operators query (?) and pling (!) and explains the simple logic behind them.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Text processor for Base-2 printers, single stepping through a machine code program with a VIA fitted, a FILL command, and a wire-frame Acorn.
Torch Unicorn - Andrew Cummings and Peter Voke More...
Torch;s Unicorn system on trial: with its 16-bit and Z80 processors, 20MB hard disc drive plus floppy drive it opens up the Unix environments to the Beeb.
Alternative keyboard - Peter Voke
Report on Microwriter's Beeb specific Quinkey. Is the the keyboard revolution at hand?
Parfitt Plotter
Exclusive review of the Parfitt plotter. Chris Steele sees an educational role for this bare bones, economy machine.
1984, Incentives government simulation; Cylon Attack and Chuckie Egg by A and F; Overdrive, Hunchback and Battletank from Superior; Dallas from Cases; Fortress from Pace and hailed as a classic this month; Frak by Aardvark.
Utility software
Salamander's Turbo Compiler, and the three in one pack Multi-Aid, by Dynabyte.
Educational software
System software's Titrations; text handling with Daco's The Storyline and ABC letter association program Alphabet from Opalsoft.
The News
The law that could revolutionise teletext, the thoughts of chairman Curry, new deal for the Electron - plus the latest on the Acorn User Show.
Mad Alex dabbles in amicable numbers. Work out the right combination and a Cummana disc drive could be yours. Three drives to be won worth £580.
Back issues
Check them out and order yours.
Acorn User software
Two great games plus all Acorn User's listings on a tape.
Beeb Forum - Bruce Smith
Clever wheezes from readers; Wordwise copies at a keystroke; green screen characters; fastest dump in the West; and teletext editing on screen.
DFS OSWORD II - George Hill
Create your own disc formatter with a little help from George.
How it works - Paul Beverley and Nigel Eames
A quest for a better random number generator.
Top 20 software
Spectacular leaps among the best selling games.
User groups
Where to make friends.
Free ads
Readers buy, sell and swap hardware.
Small ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Railings, rumours and ridicule.

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