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Issue 27 : October 1984

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First Byte - Keyboard Capers - Jeremy Vine
Start making music and other noises on your Electron under JVs baton.
First Byte - Fly Killer - Tessie Rivivis
Asterisk turns into a full-blown fly that runs the gauntlet of the spray can. Design and move your own screen characters with deadly accuracy.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Explains points that perplex readers: printing with daisywheel and dot matrix printers connected at the same time; outmoded operating systems; a scrolling text window; off the shelf procedures; and the ENVELOPE statement.
Whats on readers' minds? The 6502 second processor, professional typesetting from wordprocessors, high scoring hit men, comparative reviewing.
Dear Kitty
What's the difference between ROMs and EPROMs? How do I know which software to buy?
Trailblazers - Chandra Wickramassinghe
In the first of our new series focusing on the more exotic uses that the Beeb is being put to, CW explains how his micro helped him advance a startling theory of life in space.
Chipping in - Richard Harris
By programming the Beeb's 8271 floppy disc controller chip you can increase your data-handling power.
All sorts - George Hill
See how sorting techniques work and you'll soon be able to pick the right one for the job.
Self-diagnosis - Paul Beverley
In the interests of cost-cutting and keeping your micro on the road, PB helps you set up the tests on the Beeb to diagnose its own ailments.
Primary scream - Geoff Nairn
The government claims success for its 'micros in primary schools' scheme but is it of much help in practice. To GN the satisfied smiles look like smugness.
Modules by Microtext - Ian Birnbaum
Acornsofts Microtext authoring system, which allows even inexperienced programmers to set up instructional quizzes and test on the Beeb.
Wordprint - Alex Wilson
A worprocessor for Atom users that makes full use of all scripting facilities.
Bulletin boards - Jeff Ashurst
The social side of communicating by computer is represented by bulletin boards, or free public access systems. JA briefs you on how they operate, the equipment you'll need to become a registered user, and which BB to join.
Toolkit trials - Bruce Smith
Compares a fistful of Basic utility ROMs.
Elite squad - Tony Quinn
Elite is Acornsoft's secret new space game.
Blagger and Bugblaster from Alligata; Horse Race, Pool, Corporate Climber and Lemming Syndrome from Dynabyte; Screenplay's Chickaroo; First Byte's Star Trader; DACC's Super 7 Compendium; trench by Virgin; One to Nine by Acornsoft; A Maze in Space by Opus.
Reviews - Hardware - Chris Drage
Sideways ROM sockets by Viglen and NMC give convenient and cheap expansion on the Beeb.
Reviews - utilities
Bearsoft's Editor ROM; Watford's Buffer and Backup ROM; and Ampersand's Colour module.
The News - Acorn's ABC - the specs
Acorn's ABC - the specs, the facts; the Electron Plus 3 with 3in disc drive; instant program-entry with the MEP's bar-code reader; software on cable TV.
Beeb Forum - Bruce Smith
NFS update; security for data files; testing the RS423; and finding the file-length.
Top 20 software
Curse you Caveman!
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Acorn Abuser's Diary
Curried eggs and cabbages.

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