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Issue 28 : November 1984

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First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Techniques for drawing shapes on the screen and assembling them into your own designs.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Four pages bursting with good advice on converting Tvs, polishing your programs, testing joysticks, sound proofing acoustic couplers and achieving 3D-effect printing.
Hints on RTTY; why do peripherals cost so much?; the search for schools software; Wordwise in Spanish; and a suicide theory... Readers speak their minds.
Dear Kitty
Mystery of the 'Bad Mode' message; history of the Beeb. Kitty answers the questions that confuse the inexperienced micro-user.
Sprites cloned - Harry Sinclair
You've drawn your sprite and learnt how to move it around the screen. Now in part 3 of his sprite generator series he shows how to produce clone and mirror images.
Floating point - Bruce Smith
A new series which aims to take the aggro out of assembler. he tackles the subject of floating point variables.
ROM juggler - David Blakey
With Beeb and board full of ROMS how can you be sure of calling up the one you want?
Beeb in the glasshouse - Danny Green
Second in our Trailblazer series is a report on how Reading researchers are using the BBC micro to monitor plant life.
Tele tales
Micro Live producer David Allen recalls the traumas of putting live messages on the air.
News round up - Nick Evans
A new feature covering current education issues, with news, opinion and feedback from teachers, pupils and other involved parties.
Edword at work - Ron Gandolfo
A classroom project presented with the ideal opportunity to introduce wordprocessing to his pupils. How did Edword work out for them?
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
The emphasis this month is on hardware modifications, so warm up your soldering iron while BP introduces readers wheezes.
AUTO Atom - Bruce Smith
BS puts a finishing touch to the recent series of converting Beeb programs to AtomBasic with the AUTO command.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Our man Telford tests a mixed batch: Toads extension socket and Watford's Speech Synthesiser and Beebfont ROM.
Eagle's Wing and Spooks and Spiders by Software Invasion; Vision's Digger.
Accent on WP - Chris Drage
CD assesses BBtype a multi character-set wordprocessor offering foreign accents and technical/mathematical symbols.
Ian Rowlings on the Romex 13 ROM board, and Barry Pickles on Phillips TP200 monitor.
Language learners - Simon Dally
Language coaching packages from Beebugsoft, Salamander and Kosmos.
New books
Buggies and turtles - Geoff Nairn
With various full versions of the graphics-based Logo language set to appear, GN takes to the floor with six sample robots to explain what they can and cannot do.
ABC marvel - Tony Quinn and Alex van Someren More...
Acorn's new 310 boasts the latest hardware and software the computer industry can offer. Turn to page 30 for a closer look and screen shots of the mouse-controlled icons.
School quiz
The chance to win one of 10 BBC Radio software packs kicks off a new education news section that gives your school a hearing.
Digitising duo
Two graphics tablets are taken to task and both come out well.
The News
Acorn results, Torch develops Unix, Beebs in India, South America and China, and Beeb could be prescribed for doctors.
A new page to keep you primed about events you won't want to miss!
Competition - Simon Dally
Another puzzle from his compendium - what do all the add ons add up to. Plus and the June winners.
Beeb Forum - Bruce Smith
A useful bundle of tips.
Top 20 Software
Frak! still f-f-first.
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Not the Radio Times...

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