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Issue 29 : December 1984

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First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Opens text and graphics windows for you in her follow up to last month's drawing program.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Full control codes for Epsons, improving your micro's memory, using the Command Line Interpreter, how to fit headphones and the use of STOP are the subjects up for discussion.
Software piracy; is the quality of cassettes up to scratch?; the on/off debate is on again; and advice on taping data are among the topics you put pen to paper about.
Dear Kitty
Kitty finds space to fill in a reader about the 'No Room' message and suggests how to order your priorities when purchasing peripherals.
Domesday 1986
To mark the 900th anniversary of the Domesday Book the BBC is launching a massive project to produce a modern day equivalent on video disc - with the help of BBC micros in schools.
Barcode Breakout
You could be up for parole on the sentence of typing in listings as barcodes escape from the confines of supermarkets and libraries into home usage.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
While away those long winter nights with jiving Joe's Christmas project to organise your Beeb with a low-cost keyboard.
Bumper Dumper
'I found dumping games' screens impossible' says a frustrated reader... until he discovered George Hill's programs.
Speeding up - Paul Beverley
Try Paul's quick steps to a faster micro.
DIY database - Mike Ryer
Mike's comprehensive database management program could revolutionise your business activities.
Database comparison - Vincent Fojut
Vincent puts six commercial packages through their paces to help you decide which is the best for your needs.
News round-up
Videos, Quinkeys, computer 'junkies' and 'authoring' software are under discussion this month.
Science quiz
Fifteen Science Topics packs to be won.
Exploratory programs - Nick Evans
Nick maps out his views on Dudley Program's suite of software on the exploration theme.
Build a ROM pager - Alan Knowles
Alan shows you how to construct a ROM pager for your Atom.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
More Atomic topics from Barry Pickles.
Atoms only! Write a winning graphics demonstration and choose your prize.
Logo for the Beeb - Nick Evans
Nick reports on Acornsoft's implementation of the language.
Acornsoft's Pascal - Simon Williams
The first major compiled language for general use is reviewed.
Games of the year - Jonathan Griffiths and Peter Killworth
Jonathan rates the 18 Arcade games that scored a hit in 1984 and Peter picks the best adventures.
Abyss by Case Computer Simulations; Birdie Barrage by Computersolve; Battle Planet by ISP Marketing; One Last Game and Mayday from Clemoes Software; Micro Power's Blockbuster and Rubble Trouble; UBIK Software's Paranoid Pete and Brainstorm by Virgin.
Lightpens illuminated - Chris Drage
Chris opens his two part review by casting some light on four models.
New books
The News
Micronet's 'almighty row', interactive video, musics synthesiser, 32016 second processor release all make headlines - plus Chris Curry's involvement in the Brighton bombing.
Events which affect readers on TV, radio, film and paper. We tell you what not to miss.
Five barcode readers to be won. Plus the lucky August winners.
Beeb Forum
Help for readers by readers.
Top 20 Software
Elite - straight to the top.
Acorn Abuser's Diary
GOTO the Acornpoly board.

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