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Issue 30 : January 1985

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Hints and tips - Martin Phillips
Moving objects around the screen, drawing shapes, shuffling cards and accessing Wordwise text from Basic are all covered by Martin this month. Several of the listings are printed in bar code format in the yellow page section.
Software for education, CP/M, frustrations with Basic II, weather dumps from our issue on satellite communications, views from Scotland and Australia, robot kits BBType and more on bulletin boards.
Dear Kitty
Monitors versus TVs and problems with typing in listings without making mistakes are the two issues tackled by our Kitty this month for readers who are struggling with the bamboozling aspects of computers.
Computers on the high seas - Keith Parish
BBC micros are taking part in a four-year Operation Raleigh adventure. A converted trawler, renamed Sir Walter Raleigh, will be the nerve centre of the project and it is equipped with BBC micros and satellite communications.
Second Processor power - Paul Beverley
Paul looks at the theory and practice of using these expensive add-ons. There are several ways of taking advantage of the extra processing power and some are better than others.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Set up your own teletext database or magazine complete with linked frames and animation on Joe's Eco-fax software. It comes complete with menu, editing and display facilities, function key strips and instructions.
Yellow Pages
All the major listings in this issue can be found in the yellow page section, starting on page 105. For details of the bar code versions available in a separate booklet produced with the MEP.
Wordprocessor choice - Jacquetta Megarry
Wordprocessing is the first task most small businesses tackle. Our reviewer gives her impression of six popular systems - Beebpen, Edword, The Kansas Wordprocessor, Scribe,View and Wordwise. They range in price from £22 to £60 and come on disc, cassette and ROM. The choice is yours
Activity board revisited - Robert Southall
A superb idea for teaching children at home and in schools.
Teletext emulator on Econet - Joe Telford
Joe devotes his Jottings to producing a superb piece of software for use on the Econet or a disc system. If you want to set up a teletext database or magazine on the lines of Ceefax, this is your chance!
Education news - Nick Evans
Teachers are 'blundering in the dark'. Find out who said this and why.
Series C computers - Curry spills the beans; The Times reveals its network for schools; Atari comes the heavy with arcade game 'copies'; the true story of the Palace Prestel break-in.
What's on TV, radio and everywhere else; blunders from the last issue; phone numbers and addresses; where to go for help.
Quinkey competition - Simon Dally
Quinkeys- the one-handed alternative to typing - are on offer this month if you can unravel Simon's conundrum.
Beeb Forum
Experts on the Electron and BBC micros get their chance to exchange ideas.
Top 20 software chart
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Bar Code Reader offer
Back Issues
Acorn User software
Free adverts
Quadline - David Acton
Just get four of your own counters in a row and you've won the game. Sounds simple? Maybe, but first you've got to beat a friend- or your own micro.
Picture Puzzle - Roland Waddilove
Put the blocks back in the correct place to re-assemble the picture. Roland shows you how to add your own graphics.
Musical tunes - Jonathan Lidgard
Ever wondered how games can play tunes as you hammer away on the keys? The answer is machine code interrupts.
Painting your graphics - Peter Sandford
Peter presents his routines which can colour shapes drawn on the screen using any of 24 dot patterns.
Follow the stars - Chandra Wickramasinghe
Astronomer Chandra examines three packages from Mirrorsoft, Century and BBCSoft designed to appeal to budding star gazers.
Software for lightpens - Chris Drage
To follow up last month's review of four lightpens, Chris trys out the software packages they rely on.
Software and games
If you're into airbrush painting, adventures, education or just good old games, there's something here for you.
Three offerings on business, women in computing and lots of uses for dead cats computers.
Turtle graphics
A great way to produce graphics for youngsters - and learn about functions and procedures.
Micro paintbox
Draw shapes or pictures and colour them in on your BBC micro or Electron.
Random access filing
How to organise your data on disc.
Modems - spreadsheets - colour printers - games.

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