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Issue 31 : February 1985

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
How do I write a database? is the big question tackled by Martin, plus ideas on identifying whether a user has tape or disc in action and saving screen graphics to tape or disc.
First Byte: Electron add-ons - Tessie Revivis
Six ways to add extra facilities to your electron are examined. They range in price from £20 to £60, so read this before you buy.
Painting on the box - Rob Fenton
Drawing and colouring in pictures is exactly what this program from Rob will do - and there is even an airbrushing option.
Easy interfacing - Paul Beverley
Paul on the analogue port and how to use it.
Graphics for children
A superb program for young children to play with that imitates some of the techniques of the Logo programming language designed for schools. And it teaches you all about functions and procedures.
Look out for mistakes from past issues here, and find out where to go for help and information.
Basicode conversion
if you've tuned into the recent broadcasts of Radio 4's Chip Shop, you will know the BBC is distributing software using this subset of Basic. We show you how to run it on the Atom.
Write a simple database - Martin Phillips
Martin shows you how and develops five versions, each better than the last.
Random access files
Disc users will be particularly interested in Joe's Jottings on how to exploit the power of this programming technique.
Z80 secrets - Robin Newman
Four programs by Robin help you yo make the most of Acorn's Z80 second processor, and understand how it works.
Take three spreadsheets - Roger Carus
Ultracalc, Viewsheet and Vu-Calc cost £80, £60 and £15 respectively. Roger decides which he thinks is best and helps you make a decision on which to buy.
Education news
The fate of the MEP, the Domesday Project and the Times network for schools are just some of the topics covered.
Turtle graphics from Logo - Malcolm Banthorpe
Logo is the buzzword in education at the moment. Malcolm takes one aspect of the language, graphics, and shows you what can be done on the BBC and Electron micros.
What's happening at Prestel, MEP back Bar Code Reader project, Wordwise Plus, Elite the blockbuster and a free show for teachers.
Dear Kitty
Silver Reed printer competition
Two printers are up for grabs this month, each worth £250.
Beeb Forum
Top 20 Software chart
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Bar Code Reader offer
Back issues
Acorn User software
Free adverts
£10 adverts
Painting wi9th Paintbox
Colour and drawing on the BBC and Electron.
Graphics for business - Peter Sandford
The second part of Peter's article on how to use colour in your programs.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Random access files on disc is the issue Joe takes up, with a chunk from his new book.
Turtle graphics - Malcolm Banthorpe
Malcolm entertains and educates.
Using the analogue port - Paul Beverley
Paul explains it's strengths.
Beef up your Electron
First Byte takes a look at six devices competing for your money all of which add extra interfaces to your micro.
Spreadsheets for business
Three ways to improve the way micros can handle figures.
Modems for communications - Jeff Ashurst
To talk to other micros, dial up Prestel or send electronic mail you need a modem, so our communications expert puts six devices through their paces.
Software and games
3D Grand Prix from Software Invasion, the Osprey! educational package from Bourne, Microgo from Edge, MRM's Nigthmare Maze and the Fantasia Diamond adventure.
Printers from Seikosha and Smith-Corona are tested.
Benchtests for printers

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