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Issue 32 : March 1985

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin continues developing his database by adding improved search facilities.
First Byte: inputting information - Tessie Revivis
Whatever you use your micro for you'll need to get information into programs through the keyboard. Tessie shows you how.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Basic is the best known language for the BBC micro, but by no means the only one. Joe explains why you might want to learn another.
Simple electronics project - Paul Beverley
A programmable second keyboard is Paul's application for the analogue port this month.
Business news
A new page to keep you informed about developments relevant to Acorn users in the business world.
Is Sage a wise buy? - Francis Pettitt
Francis looks at the Sage Accounts package, which includes aZ80 second processor, and assesses how useful it is for a small business.
Atom Forum
The first new-style Atom pages from a new host, Mike Barwise. Plus the results of December's Atom only competition.
Educational software
Attack on the Somme, 1914, Relationships, Sea Cliff Erosion, Maths Topics 2, Computer Aided Design and Manufacture 1: Intersecting Cylinders, and Number Painter under review.
Football Manager from Addictive, Pole Position from Atarisoft, Icon's Space Station Alpha, Martech's Eddie Kidd;s Jump Challenge, and Mr EE and Castle Quest from Micro Power.
Which introduction to programming should you choose? We assess BBC Micro B Starter Pack, Beginner's Basic, and Very basic Basic.
Mini camera for micros
A low cost camera the size of a match box - thats Micro Robotics EV1.
Printers - George Hill
George gives you 10 guidelines for assessing printers, then measures up the Smith-Corona Fastext 80.
6809 second processors - Vincent Fojut
Vincent looks at Control Universal's Cube Beebflex and Cambridge Microprcessor Systems' 6809.
Machine code monitors - Harry Sinclair
Harry finds something good in all 10 monitors.
Acorn cuts Electron price, touch screens for monitors, new disc filing system, Prestel for schools, London computer festival and software for a mouse.
Central Processing
A new feature where we give quick answers to your queries.
Dear Kitty
Wordwise Plus competition
Beeb Forum
Top 20 software chart
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Bar Code Reader Offer
User groups
Free ads
£10 ads
Education news - Nick Evans
Exchanging programs and ideas through AU, computer camps and ITMA modules for training teachers are among Nick's topics. Plus the winners of the Sci-Quiz.
It's up to you!
Our questionnaire is your chance to tell us what you think about us, and what you'd like to see in AU in the future.
Quick-draw circles - Mike Williams
Easy listings for fast circles.
Mode 7 graphics facility - Nigel Beasley
Nigel's listing provides 16 colour graphics for 1k of memory in mode 7.

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