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Issue 33 : April 1985

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April Fool!
We show you how to make fools of your family and friends.
Acornsoft offer
Save up to £160 on Acornsoft products with our amazing money-off coupons.
Touch Screen
Add a touch screen to your micro using hardware already in your computer.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
April Fool! Trick you friends with Martin's Idiotmeter.
First Byte: handling Strings - Tessie Revivis
Tessie looks at some Basic commands that allow a character string to be manipulated.
Introduction to Logo - Joe Telford
Joe kicks off our series on languages with a look at Logo which is popular in schools.
Touch screen - Alf Ripool
Alf brings you a touch screen developed from hardware in the MOS of the Beeb and Electron.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Mike answers your questions about connecting an eight bit only printer to the Atom and linking to toolbox ROMs.
ZEP100 - Simon Williams
How does this Torch second processor fare against the Acorn Z80 in the business market?
Educational software
Answer Back-Senior Quiz, Vectors and Word Skill are under review.
£50 modem - Bruce Smith
Is the cut-price Demon Modem a bargain or a bad buy?
Know Your Own Personality from Mirrorsoft/Ivan Berg, The Sting from Gemini, DACC's 747 Flight Simulator, Addison Wesley's Electronic Colouring Book, Sinbad from Virgin and Pengi from Visions - our reviewers tell you how good they are.
AMX Mouse - Bruce Smith
This relatively low cost mouse for the BBC micro can bring Macintosh-style operation to your computer and be a valuable asset in the home or office.
RAM/ROM boards - Chris Drage
Chris compares seven expansion boards and helps you decide which meets your needs.
Modem software - Jeff Ashurst
You need software to drive modems - Jeff assesses what's on offer.
What went wrong at Acorn, Belgrano row using Torchs, Chess contest winners, Beebs in Russia and Mexico, books for BBC and Electron.
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Acornsoft and Granada books competition
Beeb Forum
Top 20 software chart
Acorn Abuser's diary
Back issues
Bar Code Reader offer
Free ads
£10 ads
Education news - Nick Evans
Topics include Microtext licence fees, Acorns International Educational Software Catalogue, and the success of the MEPs bar code reader.
Business news
News about databases, software and books.
CP/M - Edward Brown
To use the ABC business micros and other Z80 second processors to full advantage it's useful to understand how CP/M works.
Colours by interrupts - Tristram Mabbs
Tristram brings you high resolution, multi-colour graphics without eating up too much memory.
Plotting equations - Nigel Jennings
Impress your Maths teacher by plotting equations with Negels' Graph program.
DIY Icons - Brian Leinard
Presents his graphics editor.
Measuring resistance - Paul Beverley
Use the ADC to measure electrical resistance.

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