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Issue 34 : May 1985

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Micro movies - Joe Faith
Take a stick man and make him do acrobatics with this dynamic piece of programming. And there are three modems for the best cartoons from readers.
Capital routines - Peter Gaunt
Peter checks your typing to make sure it's capitals or lower case, depending on how you like it.
Multiple modes - Tristram Mabbs
Four modes on the screen at the same time with some nifty changes to his ideas from last month.
Add your own functions - Patrick Quick
Patrick gives you a way to add extra commands to the Basic language on your BBC or Electron.
Sound compiler - Graham Jones
Ply tunes from machine code.
Measuring voltages - Paul Beverley
Paul puts the analogue port to good use.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Basic 1 and Basic 2, coping with the Break key and a teletext chart.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Loops are one of the fundamental concepts in computing, so Tessie sets you on the right track.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Magicians playing around with Atoms! Just one of the topics Mike covers, along with printers and discs.
Logo: the big four - Joe Telford
The BBC, Logotron, Acornsoft and LSL all have versions of this much-vaunted language on ROM. Joe gives and in depth assessment of each one for school and home.
Alternative keyboards - Chris Drage
A typewriter keyboard is often a barrier to youg children using a micro. Chris investigates three devices aimed at overcoming this problem.
Educational software
Five packages covering everything from setting menus for meals through waves in physics to games of deduction.
Magic Mushrooms
Build your own platform games to swap with friends.
Using discs and two starters for Basic.
Hard disc system
10Mb of storage from GSL is let loose in a school.
Games reviews
Robotron, Maze and Manic Miner.
Speech synthesis
Cheetah's Sweet Talker speaks three languages cheaply.
Hackers could face big fines, the 1985 Acorn User Show, Electron DFS, computer camps and the latest hardware, Ocean adventure game editor.
Noticeboard and Blunderbox
Hints and Tips
First Byte
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Joe's Jottings on Logo
Competition: 6502 and Plus 3 up for grabs
Back issues
Acorn user software
Bar Code Reader offer
Beeb Forum
Atom Forum
Business News
Education News
Top 20 chart
User Groups
Free adverts
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Software guide
If you're after programs for school or home, here's the information on where to go - 800 titles covered and classified with addresses.
Logo software
Joe Telford checks up on four versions of this language on a chip.
Valiant Turtle offer
Save up to £70 on and infra red turtle and Logo language software.
Improving MemoPlan on the Z80 - Edward Brown
Extra features are available on this wordprocesser - if you know how to find them.
CP/M Corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clement
A new column giving ideas for using the Z80 and answering questions.
Quickcalc spreadsheet
Beebugsoft's offering put to the test.
Ledger and stock control software

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