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Issue 35 : June 1985

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The case for Comal - Joe Telford
Joe examines this highly structured language.
Robot Round-up - Richard Sargent
What's available in the field of robotics for the BBC micro , plus in-depth views of five Movits, the Fischertechnic robot kit, the BBC Buggy, the Beasty and Zero2.
Bulletin Board - Jeff Tullin
Put an advertisement in your shop window or impress your friends with scrolling messages generated on Jeff's revolving display system.
Sideways RAM utilities - Richard Harris
Richard kicks-off a three part series of utilities for use with sideways RAM boards.
View printer driver generator - George Hill
Our printer expert presents a printer control program for use with Acorn's wordprocessor which offers many features unavailable commercially.
Pop goes the Music 500
Ultravox members Chris Cross and Pete Wood lend a professional ear to Acorn's music composer.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Topics include advice on how to adapt adventures designed for the the Beeb to run on the Electron, what to check for it your cassette recorder's playing up and the meaning of DFS error messages.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
New micro users can find entering listings very frustrating - Tessie shows you the way without tears.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Mike's Atomic theories include how to make reset reliable and a hex/ASCII dump.
Concept Keyboard Software - Chris Drage
An alternative keyboard is only as good as the software available for it - Chris looks at eight packages on offer for this one.
Spaceman Side from English Software, Swag from Micro Power, Level 9's Emerald Isle, Firebird's Acid Drops, Gold Digger and Bird Strike from Beebugsoft and Flowers of Crystal from 4mation.
Castle Quest Special - Bruce Smith
Two pages on the latest blockbuster adventure which breaks new ground in programming techniques - Bruce tells how it's done and we show you several screens from the game.
BBC B+ - Acorn's latest micro, Revs - a new game from the author of Aviator, Acorn User Show, £1million Reuters deal.
Sweet sixteen
A bumper prize this month - a complete £1200 wordprocessing system.
Tailor Made Alterations - Edward Brown
Edward shows you some useful ways to change CP/M.
CP/M Corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clement
Ideas for using the Z80 and answers to questions.
Noticeboard and Blunderbox
Hints and Tips
First Byte
Central processing
Dear Kitty
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