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Issue 36 : July 1985

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Acorn faces battle in the education market, updates to the View range, Mud adventures from B+, Acornsoft graphics ROM and Acorn User Show latest.
Noticeboard and blunderbox
Hints and tips - Martin Phillips
Martin answers the question what are ASCII codes? and passes on your hints to determine the filing system in use, refine a database and save a screen memory area.
FirstByte - Tessie Revivis
If you make mistakes entering listings, Tessie's programs will help you find where you're going wrong.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Mike has it taped this month with tips on the Atom cassette operting system and interface.
Business News
Public domain software - Edward Brown
There's much software for CP/M users available free of chagre - find out where to find it.
CP/M Corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clement
More hints and tips for business micro users.
The Pleasures of Pascal - Simon Williams
Pascal is often regarded as a good upgrade from Basic - Simon looks at three implementations.
Invent and adventure - Joe Telford
Joe shows you how it's done- and the scenario is the Acorn User offices!
Sideways RAM utilities - Richard Harris
More utilities for use with sideways RAM boards from Richard in part 2 of his series. Plus Acorn User User-RAM offer.
Musical micros - Jay Chapman
Jay's theme is the MIDI software and hardware available for the Beeb.
Drive around - Bruce Smith
A round-up of disc drives, plus a comprehensive price guide.
On the menu - Peter Rochford
Peter's program will give an automatic menu of the contents of a disc.
Breakaway - Mark Dove
You can close files left open on disc when the Break key is pressed with this listing.
Speed Reading - Nick Davies
How to use data files more effectively to increase processing speed.
Utility facilities - Simon Williams
The pros and cons of five currently available disc utility packages.
DFS dilemma - Vincent Fojut
Which disc filing system should you choose?
Inside the B+ - Bruce Smith
Bruce turns Acorn;s new micro inside out.
Revs - Acornsoft's new racetrack simulation, Ultimate's Sabre Wulf and Scrabble from Leisure Genius.
Basic ROM User Guides and Procedures and Functions in BBC Basic are under the magnifying glass.
Hershy Characters Font Generator
Beebugsoft's package gets the thumbs up from Malcolm Banthorpe.
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Competition: Win and £850 music system
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