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Issue 37 : August 1985

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Acorn aims Cambridge Workstation at universities and schools; possible Micronet advertising loophole; Hacker's Handbook - what makes a best seller?; the latest CAD packages. Plus lots of information on the Acorn User Show.
Noticeboard and Blunderbox
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin tackles the topic of event handling routines with sound, and encompasses a lesson in assembly language.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Checksums are a valuable method of ensuring that you've entered listings from magazines correctly. Tessie presents a program and explains the principle.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Mike advises Atom users on how to reduce loading on the system bus and connect an eight-bit printer without losing the capacity to output graphics.
Go Forth
Dick de Grandis-Harrison examines the advantages of this language which can be modified to suit your requirements.
Shine a light - Joe Telford
Joe's project this month is to transmit signals between two Beebs using a torch.
Dynamic drawing - Martin Phillips
In the first instalment of his three-part series, Martin presents a graphics package which lets you draw pictures on screen, then save and print them.
Help with Sideways RAM - Richard Harris
Richard signs off his series on utilities for use with sideways RAM boards by expanding the HELP command. Plus Acorn User User RAM offer.
Our reviewers play Banjax from Chalksoft, Jet Pac from Ultimate, Martech's Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge, Ocean's Wizadore and Acheton from Acornsoft.
Wordprocessor plus - Patrick Quick
Wise words on Computer Concept's Wordwise Plus. Plus a column of hints and tips for Wordwise Plus users.
Holding Forth - Malcolm Banthorpe and Steve Vickers
Reviews of three Forth products; G-Forth, a ROM-based implementation of the language; the Essex Forth Microcard and Skywave's Multi-Forth 83 ROM .
Business News
CP/M Communications - Edward Brown
Edward takes up the theme of this issue and describes two ways CP/M machines can communicate with each other.
CP/M Corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clements
News from CP/M user groups and of an integrated software package.
Interaction in schools - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick look at the communications systems suitable for schools.
Dial a database - Geoff Nairn
There are many sources of information for micro users to dial up - Geoff assesses the options and takes an in-depth look at Micronet 800.
DIY Prestel - Robin Mudge
Robin examines Communitel - a package designed to help you set up a Prestel-type bulletin board.
On board for bulletins - Tony Dennis
What bulletin boards exist for Beeb users? What are the costs and pitfalls of starting your own? Tony has the answers.
Modem magic - Jeff Ashurst
Jeff rounds up the hardware and software available, followed by a review if the Miracle Technology WS2000 modem.
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Win a Cumana disc drive.
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