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Issue 40 : November 1985

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Talks on European micro standard, Acorn announces 128k BBC B+ for Christmas; Cumana's 16-bit processor launched; Opus' easy disc upgrade package.
Hints and tips - Martin Phillips
Martin explains what a printer driver is and why you need one; how to choose a disc drive; and tricks to create 'front pages' for software.
Maths in motion - Michael St Aubyn
Lissajous patterns - the loops formed on an oscilloscope - are easy to produce on the BBC micro.
Video show - Malcolm Banthorpe
Malcolm shows you how to manipulate video pictures and reviews a digitiser for the Beeb.
Tempting tesselations - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Produce these jigsaw like patterns with our expert help and advice.
Artful Freehand - Chris Steele
Chris extends his Freehand painting program to allow you to manipulate the images you've created on screen.
Musical Mule - Joe Telford
How to build an interpreter and compiler for music, plus details of how the technique works.
View to a program - Ashley Oliver
Ashley's listing allows you to write machine code programs in View to make editing easy.
Business news
CP/M corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clements
More of your and their ideas for making the most of the Z80.
Education news
Graphic examples - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick look at some of the graphics software that's about for use in schools.
Education reviews
Trouble free timetabling - Nick Evans
Options and Blockfit could be a boon to teachers who have to fit pupils choices of subject into a workable timetable.
Shanghai from Software Express; Knight Lore by Ultimate; Icon's Contraption; Boffin from Addictive; Chicane by Kempston; and Consilidated's SIM are put to the test by our team of quick-fingered reviewers.
Compiler comparison - Bruce Smith
Bruce helps you choose between Pineapple Software's Compiler, Accelerator from Computer Concepts and Logik Engineer's BCOMP.
Monitored - Chris Drage
Chris gives nine monitors a screen test and George Hill takes a look at the Microvitec Cub 653.
More for mice
Utilities and Desk software for the AMX mouse are tested.
EPROMERs on parade - Simon Williams
Three EPROM programmers are put through their paces.
Acornsoft's Basic Editor
Hardware round-up
Our guide to where to find hardware reviews in back issues.
Notice and blunderbox
Dear Kitty
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UserDUMP offer
Monthly listings cassette and disc
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