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Issue 41 : December 1985

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Shuggy's Garden
Play this exciting action game by Hugh Darby and add a little extra fun to your Christmas.
Recursion Excursion - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Jim and Alan show you what you can do with fractal curves in your graphics.
Screen Compression
Save high resolution text or graphics screens to tape or disc in the minimum of space with David Pilling's programs.
Generation Game
You can generate lots of fancy typefaces on screen for the Beeb and Electron using Matthew Cook's listing.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie rounds up the different types of memory expansion available for the BBC micro and Electron.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
More advice for the not so expert Beeb and Electron user.
Program Listings
The listings for you to type in for programs presented in this issue plus details of what micros and second processors they work on.
Acorn User Guide to Business
Ten pages of news and features for users of Acorn computers in business.
Business News
Minding Your Own Business - Roger Carus
Roger presents the first in a three part series on how to set up a business computer system .
Package Problems
Your queries on the software available for the Z80 second processor are answered by Edward Brown.
CP/M Corner - Edward Brown and Richard Clement
Our regular forum for CP/M users
Education News
Control in the Classroom - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Robotics and control in schools.
Games software reviews
Graphics ROM
Acornsoft's latest offering comes under scrutiny.
DDD Business Suite
Books for Electron Owners
ROMs Reviewed
The latest on the firmware front, plus books to help you make the most of the goods.
Joe's Jottings on Plotting - Joe Telford
Joe turns his attention to two plotters.
How to choose the best printers for your needs, and a look at some books on the subject.
Ram Boards - Chris Drage
Chris tests four expansion boards.
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Bar code reader offer
Cassette subscriptions
Graphics cassette offer
UserDump Offer
Listings cassette and disc
UserRAM offer
Beeb Forum
Atom Forum
Software Charts
Free ads
Small ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary

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