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Issue 49 : August 1986

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Hints and Tips - martin Phillips
martin presents a standard set of printer codes and other goodies.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie makes machine code and assembly language easy.
Fourth Acorn User Exhibition
Your indispensable guide to the Acorn User Exhibition - the what, where, when and who of our annual show.
Interior Design - Joe Telford
Joe takes the donkey work out of planning a room with his suite of software to help you find the best arrangement of furniture.
Flying DODOs - Mike Sherratt and Bruce Smith
Animations like our flying(!) Dodo sequence are easy with the Moving Picture Show suite of programs.
The Slick Slide Show - Paul Rodgers
Paul shows how to use your micro to make your slide shows more professional by creating title, graph and caption frames.
In the Picture - Phil Wilkes
The market is full of graphics packages - but how do you use them to create a masterpiece - Phil advises budding artists.
Games Reviews
Commando by Elite Systems, US Gold's Bruce Lee and Repton 2 from Superior Software.
Graphics Review - Chris Steele
Chris draws his conclusions on the Grafpad2 digitising tablet and Novacad Software.
Software Review - Roger Carus
Financial management and accounting packages for home and office reviewed.
ROMs - Michael Ginns
Michael looks at BBCSoft's new machine code monitor.
Hardware Review - Andy Finney
The Barry Box brings digital sound to your micro.
Software Review - Simon Williams
Simon gets it together with Gemini's Life and Business Organiser.
Book Reviews
The BBC Micro and the Small Business, An Introduction to the Microprocessors and the Professional Touch.
Printer Review - Ron Fox
Good for graphics is Ron's verdict of the Integrex Colour-Jet 132 printer.
Business News
All the latest information for users of Acorn computers in business.
Graphics for Business - Robin Mudge
How to take professional screen shots, plus a review of the Polaroid Palette.
Education News - Nick Evans
What's new in the world of micros in the classroom.
Administration by Micro - Chris Drage ad Nick Evans
Chris and Nick look at the packages on the timetable for school administration.
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