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Issue 50 : September 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
How screen dumps are programmed and more on printer codes.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
More about machine code and assembly language.
A-Maze-ing - David Lawrence
First find the treasure - then find your way out of the maze with this addictive game.
Acorn's Supercomputer - Peter Voke More...
The 32016 second processor is a powerful tool for colleges and universities.
On the Menu - Joe Telford
Joe's Jottings, in which the estimable Mr Telford explains how to develop useful screen menus for all occasions.
Clever Calligraphy - Mike Turner
Mike's programs enable you to design your own ornamental letter for a dot-matrix printer.
Joy for Electron Users - Mike Jackson
Mike reviews the Sidewinder, a joystick interface and ROM board for the Electron.
Games Reviews
Deathstar, Tennis, Savage Pond, Winter Olympics and Jack Attac.
Software Reviews
Acornsoft's ViewIndex, Clares' Discdex and Granville by Cambridge Micro Software.
Software Review - Geoff Bains
Geoff experiments with Addison-Wesley's Digital Electronics course.
Software Review - Jeffery Pike
Jeffery composes himself with a new music package, Musicpen by CNC.
Software Review - Geoff Bains
The Advanced Disc Investigator reviewed in depth.
Book Reviews
Programming in Micro-PROLOG Made Simple and Interfacing Your BBC Microcomputer.
Hardware Review - Bill Penfold
Bill gets his hands on an unconventional keyboard, the Maltron.
Hardware/Software - Bruce Smith
Technical Editor Bruce, assesses the Master 512 co-processor.
Software Review - Patrick Quick
Fontwise gives flexibility to a dot-matrix printer.
Business News
All the latest information for users of Acorn computers in business.
Words of Wisdom - Jacquetta Megarry
Useful routine and techniques for wordprocessing.
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