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Issue 51 : October 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin turns his hand to fitting ROMs on the Electron, BBC micro and Master.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie concludes her articles on machine code for beginners.
Welcome the Master Compact
The Master Compact is Acorn's exciting new micro priced at only £399. Read our five page in depth assessment of it.
Turtle Graphics Grows Up - Joe Telford
Joe extends the facilities of Logo's turtle graphics using the Graphics Extension ROM or the Master.
Art to Art Conversion - Phil Wilkes
Convert graphics screens from one high resolution mode to another.
Spider Power - David Johnson-Davies and David Deutsch
The Davids present their Spider curve plotting program to plot almost any equation.
Sideways Solution - Steve Picton
How to handle errors using sideways RAM is Steve's topic for readers who write their own software.
Games reviews
Spy Hunter from US Gold, Artic Computing's Woks, Hampstead by Melbourne House, Twin Kingdom Valley from Bugbyte and Artic Computing's The Great Wall.
ROMs - Simon Williams
Simon compares three cross assemblers.
Software Review - Roger Carus
The Swift spreadsheet is put through its paces.
Book Reviews
Master Reference Manual parts 1 and 2, and The New Hackers Handbook.
Hardware Review - Ed Brown More...
The Multiform Z80 is aimed at those competent with CP/M - Ed investigates.
Software Review - Chris Drage
Three wordprocessors for children.
Education News - Nick Evans
What's new in the world of micros in the classroom.
Home From School - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick discuss educational programs for use at home.
The Network Page - Robin Newman
Robin presents ideas for people using networks of Acorn micros.
Business News
All the latest for users of Acorn computers in business.
Spelling it Out - Rob Macmillan
Rob explains how Acornsoft put a large dictionary on a chip.
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