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Issue 52 : November 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin has more advice for the inexperienced and devises a program to make keeping score at Scrabble easy.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Programming in assembler is explained for new users.
A Cool Calculator - Joe Telford
What are WIMPs? Joe jots down some answers and presents a listing to give an on-screen calculator to prove his point.
A Nice Line in Plotting
Draw wire-framed three dimensional shapes using a plotter with Jonathan Baldwin's Super-Plot graphics program.
A Day at the Flicks - Peter Voke
Peter shows how switching quickly between two screens in memory can give the effect of animation.
Master Compact: Great and Small - David Atherton
David takes an in-depth look at Acorn's new Compact micro and compares it to its big brother, the Master 128.
Fanfare for Interword - Bruce Smith and Tony Quinn
Computer Concepts' much heralded wordprocessor has now arrived. Bruce and Tony give it a comprehensive run-around.
Games Reviews
Raid Over Moscow by US Gold, Imagine's Mikie and a round-up of games released for the Compact.
Games Review
The Complete BBC compilation from Audiogenic.
ROMS Review - Mike Rawlings
Mike gets to grips with the Advanced Disc Toolkit from ACP.
Hardware Review - Chris Drage
Microvitec's Touchtec 501 screen goes to school.
Hardware Review - David Atherton
David connects up with SJ Research's fileserver for Econet.
Business News
All the latest information for users of Acorn computers in business.
Database Management - John King
System Delta's card index application is put through its paces.
Putting printers to the test - Martin Phillips
Martin kicks off a series of printer comparisons to help you make your choice.
MESU Answers Back
John Foster, Head of Microelectronics Support Unit, answers questions put by Nick Evans.
Education News - Nick Evans
What's new in th world of micros in the classroom.
Electrons in the Classroom - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick put together an Electron system for schools.
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