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Issue 60 : July 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin gives a ViewSheet tutorial and explains calendar programs.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie shows us how to use sound from assembly language.
The Domesday Machine - Joe Telford
Joe investigates the uses of interactive video and Domesday discs.
Communications Special
Connecting your micro to the telephone system opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.
Six into One Will Go - John Knight
John explains how to transfer your old DFS files to ADFS on Master.
Computerised Hieroglyphics
How to print out some useful but unconventional characters from a wordprocessor.
Look Before you Lay out - Graham Bell
Graham's useful program to improve your page layout by checking it on screen before printing.
The Games Page
New releases and a few tips for less scrupulous players.
Games Reviews
Daley Thompson's Super Test, The Ket Trilogy, Jet Set Willy II, Starquake and Tanks.
Software Review
An assembler that produces re-locatable code.
Software Review
Battle of the spell checkers: Spell Master versus ViewSpell.
Software Review
Share Master: Make a fortune playing the Market with your micro.
Education News
The latest for Acorns in schools and colleges.
Science Simulations in Schools - Chris Drage
Chris surveys the simulation packages available for educational use in science.
The Network Page - Robin Newman
Robin has had enough of British Summer Time...
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