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Issue 61 : August 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Advice for beginners from Martin including ideas on micro music making.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie explains machine code multiplication and division.
Archimedes: The New Acorn Micro
At last Acorn has unveiled its RISC-based machine. We put it through its paces.
It's Show Time!
The Acorn User Show is in town from 23 to 26 July. Miss it at your peril.
Day to Date - Joe Telford
Joe develops a desktop calendar and year planner for his JOE front-end.
One Liners
Your one-line graphics programs produced some amazing effects as Robert Miller finds out.
Interrupting Basic - Mark de Weger
Mark's multi-tasking programs open up new programming possibilities.
The Games Page
A look at the games that will be on display at the Acorn User Show.
Games Reviews
Phantom, The Big KO! and Omega Orb.
Software Review - Steve Mansfield
A review of PMS' latest product, Genie.
Software Reviews
Reviews of Advanced Control Panel, Crashproof and System Utility ROM.
Software - Irving Jaquette
Acorn User's flying correspondent looks at flight simulators.
Report Back on Your Ideas - Roger Carus
Feedback on your uses of the BBC micro.
Cut Down on Keystrokes - Graham Bell
Graham's tips for easier wordprocessing.
Education News
The latest educational software will be at the Acorn User Show.
The Sound of Music - Nick Evans
Nick examines the various music education packages available.
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